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Pacos Services:

Pacos Services provides consulting services to paper and board producers and their suppliers of automation and profiling equipment. The main objective is to work with paper and board manufacturers to improve production more and ultimately profitability.

Independent consultation:

Pacos Services provides consulting services connection to equipment manufacturers or suppliers. Due to this, the services are completely reliable and recommendations made will be completely based on process and product quality need only. For suppliers we offer on-site pre-studies, installation supervision and project delivery services. All this is accomplished by utilizing knowledge gained through many years of experience.


Considering alternatives to improve process efficiency and product quality requires long term experience and supplier information to ensure the right actions and selection of the best process components from the right suppliers for their intended outcome. Ensuring continuous flawless operation of each component will assure optimal product quality without interruptions. Proper service and maintenance is the key to continuous un-interrupted operation. Continuous communication with equipment suppliers helps with maintenance on a continuous basis.


Pacos Services utilizes diverse service, application and delivery experience including long-term relationships with equipment suppliers and paper mills. One of the main and most important services provided is to improve on-machine equipment functionality, such as cd actuators to optimize process efficiency and product quality. Over 20 years experience in automation equipment, profiling equipment, application studies and system/control start-up services is the background for the offered services. This experience includes detailed delivery and service of DCS, QCS, CD WIS, and WMS equipment. The variety of these products were delivered and serviced all around Europe. This experience was primarily earned as a sales/application/service engineer with three major American companies. Now all this experience is available to all papermakers and equipment suppliers without any ties to one supplier.


Development of new ideas and innovative process solutions is one of the key focuses of Pacos Services. Either our own ideas for solutions realized during any on-going task or for something new are both potential areas for development projects. Many contacts and excellent relations to paper and board manufacturers allow for detailed testing of the new ideas on a practical level. This is why Pacos Sevices encourages young and also experienced innovative inventors to turn to us if they want help with their own inventions.

Operation facilities:

Company has a base floor operations center of 78 m2 in the Nokia industrial area. This consists of an office and a hall with space allocated to equipment service. The facility allows for service and development of smaller automation/electrical equipment as well as handling more massive equipment. The facility acts also as a base for developing and testing of new, innovative ideas.

Company ownership and home town:

Pacos Services, ( Finnish: Pacos Palvelut Tmi ) is owned by Tuomo Mäkinen. The owner of the company operates under a title of Senior Consultant reflecting the long experience in paper process industry.