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This section contains information about the special know-how which was obtained over 20+ years of field experience. With this know-how Pacos Services offers improvements to production which yield to:

More and better product with reduced operation cost


• Cross directional paper and board profiles have an effect to runnability throughout the complete production sequence.
• CD profile is formed on paper machine, coater machine and during the calendering process. Also the profile variations and disturbances are being introduced to the sheet in the same process.
• In the attempt to reduce profile variations the ideal place to correct them is the place where they are first introduce, i.e keep them from arising in the first place. Unfortunately this is not normally possible. The only way is then to create an opposite effect to variations which results in an optimal profile at the winder.
• Pacos Services utilizes experience-based techniques to reduce these variations from paper and board as close as possible to the place where they are born. In most cases, different types of CD actuators are needed to correct the problems.
• This improvement task is normally begun by completing a process and quality study and sometimes a trial run with one or more CD actuator trial units. With this analysis, it is possible to recommend methods to correct the issues and evaluate the improvement potential with the recommended fix.


• Profiling equipment can be used effectively to optimize paper and production line effective throughout. Some actuators give additional drying capacity and most of them can improve process runnability.
• Pacos Services offers it’s long experience in various ways to utilize CD actuators for throughput maximization. In the best cases a 20% increase of sellable product has been realized.
• Throughput improvement analysis is often a part of process analysis, discussed above, but can be performed on it’s own as well.

Energy efficiency

• The benefits of utilizing CD actuators in energy savings may be remarkable. The energy savings is typically evaluated in steam saving and electricity usage per one production unit of final product.
• By optimizing the CD actuators operation in energy saving mode leads to the use of less energy and in most cases there is no impact to profile quality or process runnability.
• By further focusing the operation on energy savings, additional reduction of energy usage may be achieved by just a small increase in profile variations. It normally then becomes a trade-off between energy usage and profile quality which model the operator decides to use.
• A typical reduction in energy savings after an extensive study/optimization is about 1-5% in steam savings and 480 to 2400 kWh / day.
• Energy savings optimization study is included in the offering of Pacos Services.


• The effect of CD actuator usage to runnability is obvious. An actuator which does not work properly can cause breaks, holes, dripping, curling and other issues. On the other hand, an actuator which works well and is set up correctly improves profiles, gives strength to the sheet, improves edge problems, etc.
• Pacos Services has extensive experience in analysing CD actuator operation and setting them to work in the best way for a particular process. Optimizing each actuator has a great effect to process runnability in general.

Grade quality

In addition to improved cross directional profiles and runnability, CD actuators can be used and are used to improve other quality parameters such as:
• Moisture target, brightness, opacity, curling, bulk, strength as well as smoothness, gloss and other surface properties.
• According to field experience of Pacos Services by optimizing CD actuators correctly, they can be used extremely effectively to improve grade parameters without an effect to profiles or runnability.
• For this reason, CD actuators are often purchased to improve surface properties in calendering processes, both on-machine and off-machine.
• As an example, steamboxes and induction heating have been commonly used to improve smoothness and gloss on soft and super calenders.
• This is one special application where Pacos Services has been involved heavily and can offer special know-how about the application.


• The reliability of a CD actuator depends on a few key factors: how good the unit is, how it is installed, how it is being used, application position on machine and preventative maintenance. Also chemicals, moisture, dust and temperature have an effect to reliability.
• By choosing the best unit, installing it well to a good position and arranging proper service, the papermaker can greatly influence the reliability of the profiling tool by minimizing possible risks.
• Pacos Services has many years of experience in CD application engineering to ensure the reliability of CD actuators and arrange proper service for them. Now this experience is free to be used with any suppliers’ equipment.


Pacos Services focuses their offering services to paper and board industry as well as equipment suppliers to ensure that the right unit is installed to the best position and installed correctly. In addition to these optimization services is offered to ensure the best results and reliability of the unit.

The same services are offered to existing CD units. The existing units in operation may not have been installed and optimized in the best way for the production today.

The following is the three main offerings of Pacos Services;
1. Profile/product improvement project - new equipment
* Pre-study towards best overall results
- Process analysis, profile analysis, results prediction
* Supplier decision
- Actuator characteristics, reliability, references, service, experience etc.
* Choosing optimal position in machine
- Complete application study
* Choosing/creating the best functions and mode of operation
- Process demands
- Quality demands
* Installation and start-up
- Installation supervision, testing, guarantee values, training
* Service and maintenance
- Routine service, corrective maintenance, back-up service, spares

2. Existing equipment – audit service
• Study all or all any CD control actuators and functions for
- Best profiles, throughput, energy, grade quality, reliability and service
- Benchmarking against similar machines
• Optimizing setup for current production
- Process, quality, energy and reliability
• Service and maintenance
- CD unit service audit
- Service actions

3. Supplier assistance
• Pre-study towards best overall results
- Process analysis, profile analysis, results prediction
- Installation and start-up services
- Installation supervision
- Project services